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“Commitment says: I am not leaving, even when things get difficult.” - J. Morris

How committed are you to your family, your career, your health or your faith? Commitment will show in your attitude and in your effort. You cannot hide whether or not you are committed to a process, person, or purpose.

Unless we commit to something, we will not experience the positive impact it could potentially have on our lives. If you are not fully committed to a job, you will not see the opportunities that it could bring into your career. Without committing to a person, we cannot experience the love that comes through an intimate relationship with another person. Without committing to a healthier way of living, we cannot know the feeling of being healthy, fit, and energized.

Without commitment, there is no way to experience the full reward of anything worthwhile in life. As long as you hold onto those reservations, and avoid the decision to COMMIT; life will feel mediocre. It will feel “half-full” because you aren’t giving your full effort. In order to obtain value, you must give your full effort. We must COMMIT.

Everything of value in my life requires commitment.



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