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Commitment was foreign to me 10 years ago. I didn’t understand what it meant to truly commit to something.

I used to enter into relationships with people only to disappear when things got complicated. Any time a job became too difficult or demanding, I would leave. Sometimes I wouldn’t even quit...I would just stop going to work. I was behaving like a coward in several key areas of my life.

Having a lack of commitment in our lives, is also living in fear of being challenged...It is: The inability to accept uncomfortable situations and to take responsibility for our own lives. It is: Living rent free in the world we share with others. It is: A waste of potential and atrial gifting from our creator. It is: The opposite of what a person should be doing with their life.

We must learn what it means to make a commitment and we must learn to stay committed. Train yourself to see something through to completion, good or bad. As we experience success and as we work through our failures, we improve. When we follow through to completion; we learn to live healthier, more successful lives.

- Neal


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