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It has always been difficult for me to be still.

I used to get into trouble because I would become bored so quickly. I wasn’t a hyperactive kid, bouncing all over the place or anything. It was different. I have always been a pretty chill guy, but it was in my mind. I was always distracted by the next thing, so I wandered off a lot. I followed the rules when I wanted to, instead of when I was being asked to. I’ve never sat through an entire class period without asking to leave at least once. I eventually reached the point to where I wouldn’t even go to class. I never allowed anything to work in my life, because I would get whatever I wanted out of something and then bail.

Eventually, I realized my life had no substance or meaning. I had taken everything in my life for granted for so long, and I had become a “walking black hole.” I consumed everything I was able to get my hands on, and made it disappear. In recovery, I began addressing each situation in my life, rather than running away from them. I decided to try and play by the rules for a while. It began working out really well. I began trying to show my gratitude by being kind and helping others. I became intentional about showing others how much I appreciate them. I decided to continue on living this way because it kept me out of trouble and it began to bring me peace. I had never felt that way before, and it helped me to become a better person.

Today, I have been given the gift of being still and letting God guide my steps. I try to make the most of every day and I try to improve in the areas that need improvement.

Everything we need is always right in front of us.

Be still.

Have a great day!



Full Body

As always warm up properly before starting your training session and please consult a physician before starting a new exercise regimen.

  1. Deadlift - 8 sets x 1 reps @ 70-80% rest 2-3 mins between sets

  2. Barbell Incline Press - 4 sets x 8 reps. 1-2 min rest

  3. Pull Ups- 6 sets x 5 reps. Rest 1 min between sets

  4. Front Squat 3 x 5 reps @ body weight 60 sec rests.

  5. Russian Twists 3 x 12 reps rest 60 seconds

Workout provided by: Juan Martinez at West Texas Strength Training Facility


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