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Before I had any real experience in the professional world, I used to get very anxious about missing opportunities. Not just opportunities, but every single one. I felt like every opportunity to advance was the last one I would ever see. I would do this over again the exact same way, but I also recognized from the very beginning that this was not a sustainable or wise, long-term solution.

For a few years, I obsessed about the next opportunity to move up and if I would be capable of fulfilling the role. I had blown through plenty of achievements without celebrating any of them, because I was always thinking of what would be next. The truth is, I have to always know who my Provider is. I can’t allow myself to forget the bigger picture. The focus must be on living my life the right way, not just earning a lot of titles. Don’t do a good job, but do a GREAT job wherever you are. Stay consistent and ignore the noise. The right people and opportunities will come.

By allowing myself to get lost in the next accomplishment over and over, I was not showing gratitude for the good things I was being blessed with. We are allowed to be ambitious and appreciative at the same time. We need to take a minute to recognize God’s work in our lives, and start sharing that with some people during our time off. Recognize your blessings and receive them, and then get back to work! Ha!

Don’t go to sleep on ‘em, but don’t get lost in the chase. Stay present and do well, right here.



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