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I often reflect on how significant loss and going without have impacted my life in times I needed it the most.

Some things, I simply never valued until I had lost them. I would eventually lose all of my possessions to addiction and poor decision making, but it isn’t the possessions that hurt. It was my freedom to go and do what I chose to do. Because of my illegal activity, my freedom was taken from me for a while. I also lost my personal freedom. I had become a slave to the substances and obsessed with living a pleasure-seeking lifestyle. I was just trying to escape my pain. I wanted nothing more than to be free inside and out again.

I have lost many people close to me and I am close with many folks who have lost husbands, children, siblings, and parents. The things that almost all of us have in common is our gratitude for those around us. When you lose someone you care deeply for, and sometimes many people you care about; you will never love the same. For a time I grew cold, but in healing I found a way to love and care for others deeper every time I have experienced loss or worked with someone through their own experience. My greatest pains have taught me some of the deepest, most valuable lessons.

Today, I am once again grateful for loss and going without. Cherish your loved ones and love them deeply. Let us be gracious and grateful, and may our behavior be a reflection of such.

Have a great day!



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