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Help those who want to be helped.

Helping others has become a focal point of my life, but I don’t try to help everyone.

Unfortunately, there seem to be more people needing support than there are people willing to provide said support. I have never been short on people in need. I seem to meet them everywhere, so it is clear there is a need. For this reason, I have to diligent about time management. I cannot give time to people who aren’t willing to commit to change. There are too many people suffering to be wasting time with people who won’t make up their mind. Let them choose their path. Welcome the ones who are seeking a change.

I’m not saying you shouldn’t give someone money on the street. I am saying that if you want to commit to helping people in relationships, the community, professionally or otherwise on a more intimate level; we have to always make sure our “help” is helping.

Don’t chase people. Lift them up. We don’t enable them, we support them. We do not carry them, but we may hold them from time to time. We encourage them and we guide them.


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