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I hate being afraid. I can think of many times in my life when I stood still as time passed me by, due to the fear of what COULD be.

Regarding “every day fears” (meaning: not things like dying in a plane crash, being murdered while in South Dallas traffic as a result of a road rage incident, etc), I developed a method of thinking that has helped me tremendously. I hope it might help you as well. I separate my “every day fears” into two categories: 1. Concerned or 2. Scared

1. If I am fearful of taking a health and safety risk or a financial risk, I qualify this as being concerned. I want to practice good decision making and I want to be a good steward of my finances. If I feel like the “thing” is what I am supposed to do, I pray about it and come to a decision. Prayer has a unique way of solving this issue. Discernment is very real, and we only acquire it through having a relationship with God.

2. If I am scared of something, it is because I lack confidence in that area. This happens to me often. I have battled this for years. I am typically scared of things I haven’t done before, or things that are centered around my weaknesses. If I remember that I operate under the realm of a God who has brought me out of homelessness and addiction, I instantly remind myself that I have everything I need. I am capable and God has all power. When I channel that inner strength, I am able to walk forward with confidence.

Make no mistake, I am often scared when I move forward. Courage wouldn’t be what it is if we were never scared. Having courage just means I can and I WILL, regardless of the fear that exists.

Whether you are fearless or fearful, be sure to take action.

- Neal


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