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“Lost time is never found again.” - Benjamin F.


I began working with people on a volunteer basis in 2015. I started helping others because it was the right thing to do. It was part of the program I was working, but I also wanted to share the beautiful reality I had just discovered. I wanted others to feel hope and I wanted them to experience the personal freedom I was experiencing in my own life.

The things that caused me so much pain over the first few decades of my life, are the very experiences that qualify me to help others in need. The difficulties I exposed myself to and experienced, were the training I needed to guide individuals through their own struggles today. What I once viewed as a curse on my life, has now become my greatest blessing.






“Neal has a keen sense of what it takes to endure the recovery process. His experiences past and present combine with a unique wisdom to assist clients on what they may try next in their lives for continued health, growth and success.”



Student Advocate Counselor, Heritage Middle School

"Neal did a phenomenal job of sharing his testimony and was able to keep the attention of 80 sixth-grade students for an hour! I’ve never seen our students as engaged in a presentation as they were listening to Neal sharing stories from his life, being vulnerable and real about mistakes he made and lessons he learned. He helped our students understand how and why he first became involved with drugs and alcohol, instead of just giving the cliché message of “Drugs are bad, so don’­­t do them.” 

With Neal’s genuine passion to prevent others from going down the same path, it was very natural to put yourself in his shoes and feel empowered to make good choices—and more importantly to seek help when you need it. Neal is an amazing speaker—his story is a tough one to hear; however, it is one, that I believe everyone should hear!"



VP of Operations, Principal LED

I believe one of the traits I admire most in Neal is his ability to keep his composure in any situation both professionally and personally. It shows a humble confidence and an open mind that are vital to personal growth. Neal’s demeanor and integrity are an important part of our friendship and work relationship.


Neal has a quality that exudes a calmness that every leader needs to aspire to. I have seen his mentorship pay dividends in the lives of those he helps through organization and logically thinking through events. Whether it be attaining his goals in a healthy lifestyle, reaching milestones in his professional life, or becoming the friend anyone would be proud to have, Neal strives for more. It is said those who can’t play, coach, but in Neal’s case, he leads and inspires by example, so integrity and character are at the forefront. I have personally had Neal help me through work and life decisions and can with whole heartedness say I am a better person for it. Thank you, Neal, for being a mentor and a friend.



Co-Owner at West Texas Strength - Nutrition & Training Center, 

Nutrition Consultant & Personal Trainer

"I have had the pleasure of witnessing the metamorphosis of Neal over the years. During his continued evolution, the qualities I admire are his ability to take action and be purposeful. He has taken on new roles in his personal and professional life and performs them at the next level. In any new position, he finds a way to modify, or should I say, level up to accomplish his goals. I have met many action takers, but none that are very close friends of mine, and it's great to see him progress.  Neal doesn't let life happen to him but puts in the effort daily to fulfill his purpose. Even though our goals are different, I admire these qualities because seeing someone get continuously closer to their goals is an inspiration.

Neal will be a phenomenal guiding light for individuals to take their life to the next level. His journey is proof alone. The compelling part of his whole story is that he continues to make progress. As people, we get complacent, and he could have been the same way, but because of the new life he is building, this leaves no room for complacency. When you speak to him, you can feel the passion he has for helping others who are searching for more. There have been several instances during the middle of his weight training sessions, and he gets a phone call from someone who needs help. Neal doesn't dismiss the call, but answers it and takes the necessary steps for the person who is in need. Through our friendship, I can say with absolute certainty that he has positively improved my life. When you hear his story about overcoming, it's easy to see the possibilities of who you can become."

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Toni M.

Mother of Client 

"Neal was my family’s angel during a very difficult time! He was ALWAYS available to answer my calls and texts way after normal hours. He coached my daughter and was always there for her. He never gave up. Neal gave her space to reach out to him on her own and would check in with her letting her know he was there whenever she was ready. When she finally was ready for help, Neal moved mountains in a short amount of time using his abundance of contacts to get her what she needed. If I were to have done it without him paving the way, I would still be on the phone; he is well known and respected. While my daughter was in the recovery program, Neal would still reach out to me checking to see how she was doing and if there was anything else he could do!!


EVERYTHING Neal did was above and beyond!!! Neal wrote letters of recommendation, support, made phone calls or whatever was needed all within a moment’s notice!! There was never “give me a few days and I will get back to you”. Neal was even there for me as a distraught emotional mom! My own elderly mother was going through some serious health issues at the same time and Neal even helped me with some resources for her!! Neal is truly a great human being who genuinely wants to help. He has walked this path so my daughter finally had someone relatable that come out the other side."


"My hope for Elevated Lifestyle Academy is to enhance the recovery experience for as many people as possible. By sharing the things I have learned through my experience and in my recovery, my goal is to guide others toward living a life in recovery they never thought possible."

- neal williams


ZOOM: Neal Williams 

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