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“Unless a man is master of his soul, all other kinds of mastery amount to little.”

- Theodore Roosevelt 


In 2013, my future was quickly becoming more bleak with each day that passed. I was 135lbs, homeless, wanted on felony warrants, and highly addicted to alcohol and narcotics. On March 29, 2013, something clicked. I decided to change and to never look back.


Today, I have been in recovery for 8 years. I am an accomplished powerlifter, fitness/nutrition advocate, business professional, business owner, homeowner, and certified professional coach. Most importantly, I am happy, joyous, and free. I am passionate about helping others improve their lives and discover their purpose. I specialize in working with individuals who have struggled or are struggling with alcohol and substance abuse, but I continue to work with folks from all walks of life. We are all battling something.


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M.Ed. LPC High School Student Advocate Counselor

"Neal is my "go-to" guy when it comes to troubled teens. I heard Neal's story and knew he would be able to relate to the students I was working with. He has 100% helped everyone I have sent his way, I cannot recommend him enough. 


He is nonjudgemental and down to earth. Kids respond to him in an honest truthful way. He is great at building that relationship that needs to happen before a client will trust him. I cannot say enough about him and his character!!!!"

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Mother of Client 

"Neal was my family’s angel during a very difficult time! He was ALWAYS available to answer my calls and texts way after normal hours. He coached my daughter and was always there for her. He never gave up. Neal gave her space to reach out to him on her own and would check in with her letting her know he was there whenever she was ready. When she finally was ready for help, Neal moved mountains in a short amount of time using his abundance of contacts to get her what she needed. If I were to have done it without him paving the way, I would still be on the phone; he is well known and respected. While my daughter was in the recovery program, Neal would still reach out to me checking to see how she was doing and if there was anything else he could do!!


EVERYTHING Neal did was above and beyond!!! Neal wrote letters of recommendation, support, made phone calls or whatever was needed all within a moment’s notice!! There was never “give me a few days and I will get back to you”. Neal was even there for me as a distraught emotional mom! My own elderly mother was going through some serious health issues at the same time and Neal even helped me with some resources for her!! Neal is truly a great human being who genuinely wants to help. He has walked this path so my daughter finally had someone relatable that come out the other side."


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Intervention Client

"I highly recommend Neal. He thinks before speaking and his physical presence exudes strength and caring. He showed a terrific blend of compassion and truth in dealing with our loved one." 



VP of Operations, Principal LED

"I believe one of the traits I admire most in Neal is his ability to keep his composure in any situation both professionally and personally. It shows a humble confidence and an open mind that are vital to personal growth. Neal’s demeanor and integrity are an important part of our friendship and work relationship.


Neal has a quality that exudes a calmness that every leader needs to aspire to. I have seen his mentorship pay dividends in the lives of those he helps through organization and logically thinking through events. Whether it be attaining his goals in a healthy lifestyle, reaching milestones in his professional life, or becoming the friend anyone would be proud to have, Neal strives for more. It is said those who can’t play, coach, but in Neal’s case, he leads and inspires by example, so integrity and character are at the forefront. I have personally had Neal help me through work and life decisions and can with whole heartedness say I am a better person for it. Thank you, Neal, for being a mentor and a friend."



Speaker, Coach and Bestselling Author of Patchwork Junkie

“Neal's compassion for the struggles of addiction and his deep understanding of the patterns of substance abuse creates something spiritual between him and the people he works with. It's as if, every ounce of kindness that has ever been shown to him is being paid forward. This is not a job for him, it is his life's mission.”

"My hope for Elevated Lifestyle Academy is to enhance the recovery experience for as many people as possible. By sharing the things I have learned through my experience and in my recovery, my goal is to guide others toward living a life in recovery they never thought possible."

- neal williams




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